What exactly are bad credit mobile phones?

As the name implies, these are mobile phone contracts designed for UK citizens with bad credit. In fact, bad credit mobile phones are open to everyone but were specifically designed for individuals with a poor credit rating or a less than average credit score.

Can I go ahead and apply for bad credit mobile phones even if I have a history of CCJ?

Truth be told, while bad credit mobile phones are meant for individuals with a poor credit history, there are times when we require you to at least make an upfront payment before we can approve you especially if you have a history of CCJ. In as much as we aspire to approve every application, we might hook you with an appropriate plan based on the status of your credit score.

How long does it take before I can be approved for bad credit mobile phones?

We understand that you need your phone to run your life the soonest possible and therefore have made it our objective to approve your phone contract within 24 hours provided that you furnish us or meet all the basic requirements.

Do I need to make an upfront payment prior to being approved?

At Celeb Phones, the fact that we do not take your credit score into consideration means that we shoulder all the risks on your behalf. As such, we at times require you to make a small upfront payment prior to approving your application. This is simply a mitigation measure to cushion us should things not go as planned. However, the deposit you pay is refundable at the end of your contract provided that your account with us is in good standing.

How many types of phones do you have on offer?

We understand that you have different tastes and preferences and therefore have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that we provide as many diverse phones as possible. It doesnít matter whether you have a liking for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, HTC phones, and Motorola phones, Nokia Phones, Huawei phones or any kind of model. We can assure you that we have it. However, in order to be approved for a high end phone like the latest Samsung galaxy s7, we require that you make an upfront payment.

Is it possible for me to upgrade after a couple of months?

In order to upgrade we have to check how reliable and committed you have been in making your payments. If we look at your account and notice that you havenít been defaulting in making payments, we will approve your request for an upgrade.

What is the maximum period I can be locked in a bad credit mobile phone contract?

Ordinarily, we require that you be locked in for a minimum period of 18 months. This period is non-negotiable and itís mandatory for all individuals applying for bad credit mobile phones. However, there is no cap for the maximum period that you can be logged in a contract. That is up to you to decide the maximum period you wish to be locked in.

What happens if I am unable to meet my monthly obligations?

Considering the fact that bad credit mobile phones are designed for those with a poor credit rating, they provide an ample opportunity for a person to gradually improve their credit score provided that they make timely payments every month. However, should your financial circumstances fail, we advise you to tell us as soon as possible so that we can come up with a new arrangement for you. If you fail to do so and fall back in payments for a couple of months without communication, we might be forced to report you to a credit reference bureau which as you know will further negatively impact your credit score.