Are there options to bad credit mobile phones?

If you have bad credit and seeking to apply for a phone contract, you might think that the only option you have is bad credit mobile phones. Well, that is not the case as individuals with a less than stellar credit score have a number of options when seeking to get approved for a phone contract. Letís take a look at two other options that UK individuals with a poor credit rating can apply for.


Guaranteed mobile phone contracts

These are mobile phone contracts designed for those with a poor credit rating. As the name implies, guaranteed mobile phone contracts give you the guarantee of an approval even if your credit score is in poor shape. While you can be assured of an approval, different providers have different terms and conditions that you must meet prior to approval. For one, there are those that require you to make an upfront payment prior to being approved for a guaranteed mobile phone contract and there are those that only approve your application provided that you apply for specific mobile phones. What this essentially means is that if you want to get access to a high end phone with a guaranteed mobile phone contract, you will need to pay a hefty upfront payment before your application can be processed.

No credit check mobile phones

The sound of the name is enough to make any person with a poor credit rating happy. From time immemorial, credit checks have been used to deny or reject applications. However, no credit check mobile phones do not require credit checks and are the perfect contracts for individuals with a less than average credit score. However, these phone contracts are not exclusively for individuals with bad credit. Even those with no prior credit history will find these contracts essential as it gives them an opportunity to build their credit score from scratch.

In a nutshell, if you have a less than average credit score, you can choose to apply for bad credit mobile contracts, no credit check mobile phones or guaranteed mobile phone contracts. The onus is on you to compare and go for one that best meets your needs and budget.